The Baby Haven

This department caters to babies between the ages of three (3) months to one (1) year with an excellent team of nannies. It is to give the career woman the opportunity to pursue her career, educate herself and make a home without stress and equally fit into this ever-changing world.

The changing and sleeping areas for baby haven/creche and pre-nursery are well stocked with baby bowls, buckets, Johnson’s, Cussons and natural baby products, towels, wipes, baby baths, cots, cot sheets and blankets.

Parents however are expected to provide all these daily in the baby bags. The school will use its resources when parents forget to make the provision.

All these items are carefully sterilized at the end of each day and stored under hygienic conditions. Babies with allergies should be provided with specific changing products as specified by their medical doctors.

All babies are expected to come along with the following items

  • A baby bag with a copy of health card always in it
  • Four simple cotton baby clothing
  • Socks, bibs, diapers (6), carrier bags for wet clothing
  • Sealed bottled mineral water
  • Adequate baby food for the day
  • Four (4) feeding bottles

There is a multi-purpose room for multitask play and learning activities, songs, rhymes, audio/visuals to keep the babies active. The four academic quarters for this department in the school calendar are:

1st Quarter: January - March
2nd Quarter: April - June
3rd Quarter: July - September
Last Quarter: October - December
School Hours: 7:30am – 6:00pm Monday - Friday
Short breaks and public holidays are observed